Stuck with Glasses?




How things have changed.  When I was at school I was picked on for wearing glasses.  Now glasses are seen as cool – part of the geek chic look.

Puddle duck wanted geek glasses so much that, while she was waiting for an eye test and a change of glasses, she punched the lenses out of a pair of cinema 3D specs and wore them over her own.  When she went to visit The Sister last Christmas she found that The Niece had similar taste and her own fake pair of geek glasses.

I used this month’s Counterfeit Kit and Stuck?! sketch to put the page together.  I don’t usually like using very bulky embellishments on pages – I find they can sometimes damage the facing page in an album, but I thought placing these large resin flowers next to the paper bows might stop them being flattened too much in an album.

DSC_0983So that’s another month over and there’s still 2 or 3 pages left in the Counterfeit kit, but I have plans – the kit will be used and not put back into my stash.  How did you get on this month?


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  1. Although I was never teased for wearing glasses, I can remember choosing a dark framed pair like these when I was 8 or 9 and my Mum being cross because she said they were too dark for my face! yes, times have changed.

  2. That’s Brilliant! I love how she invented some glasses for herself.
    I didn’t really get teased, but the glasses that were available on the NHS were sooooo awful, that no-one wanted to have to wear them – a real confidence crusher!

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