Pass the Page Blog Hop


Hello there. I know I’ve been away and not blogged for a while. I hope there’s still someone there.

It’s been very busy round here. I’ve found time to scrap but not to blog. Truth be told I probably wouldn’t be here now but last weekend I went to Cirencester for a crafting weekend. It’s becoming a bit of an annual event with a few traditions – Ruth’s 12 (15) challenge, Lizzie’s book binding lesson and my Pass the Page game.  For those of you not familiar with the concept, it’s the scrapbnooker’s equivalent to Chinese Whispers. It starts with a page, photographed and sent to Scrapper 1, who scraplifts it and sends a photo to Scrapper 2 and so on. You only get to see the page before yours until the final reveal when you can see how it evolved along the chain.

I was so busy this year that I pulled out an old LO to kick things off. A photo from Puddle Duck’s first trip to London in 2012. Here it is:


Looking at it now, I want to go back and put on another butterfly – too late now!  And here’s the full list of participants in the blog hop:





Mrs Wookie







First stop is K. Having actually seen all the LOs this time, I can say that they are all wonderful and you will see some surprising changes along the way.  Follow the hop and leave a comment at every stop before 1 October to be entered in a draw to win a Studio Calico roller date stamp.

Happy hopping and if you get lost along the way come back here to pick back up where you left off.


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  1. I love seeing these progress. Chinese Whispers always was my favourite party game!

    I love the rays on this one. I’ll be looking to see where they go..Oh, and butterflies? I’d be tempted to add a handful; but then I never do know when to stop…

  2. Pass the Page looks so much fun! I bet it’s great to see how the other LOs turn out. Sounds like a fun weekend. (Popping in from Alexa’s blog)

  3. What a great looking page – I like the rays coming out of it and it’s never too late to add a butterfuly!
    Looking forward to seeing how it changes as I go through the blog hop. BTW, I’ve never heard of chinese whispers we must call it something different over here but at this hour of the morning it escapes me. 🙂

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