For the Love of Pretty Paper


FOR THOSE CONFUSED, YES THIS IS AN OLD POST.  I DELETED IN ERROR AND APPEARED OUT OF ORDER WHEN I RESTORED IT. Go to older post to view the real new one posted at the same time.

National Scrapbooking Day Blog Hop

Super excited to be part of the NSD Blog Hop.  I struggled at first when I found out the theme for the blog hop was my favourite technique – I wasn’t sure I had one.  I looked back through my last few pages and concluded that my favourite technique was clustering.

First step was to choose a photo and gather some supplies.  I bought some London themed paper a while ago to scrap photos from The Shard.  I took that as my starting point and put together a page kit with papers from the Discover England collection from Paper House and Shimelle’s True Stories collection and London themed puffy stickers and button badges.

I picked one photo for a 12 X 12 page and others for a pocket page.  As I worked on the 12 X 12 I also worked on a 4 X 6 card for the pocket page to create two similar clusters on each.  The 4 X 6 card was cut from the 4 inch strip cut from the 12 X 12 background sheet.  I needed something to ground the clusters and True Stories has a great coffee cup paper to fussy cut.

I picked three blue cups to make three clusters to make a visual triangle over the two pages.  I started with the largest cluster on the 12 X 12 page next to the photo.  And built a second matching cluster on the 4 X 6 card.

I used a large button badge in the main cluster, while the smaller cluster has a smaller button badge and stickers with the three London landmarks from the large button badge.  The large cluster connects the photo and title and having a similar smaller cluster next to the journalling helps to bring the two pages together.

The third cluster was based on the lid of a coffee cup and included the butterfly, London landmark and heart stickers.

This double page spread left me with the reverse of a pocket page to fill.  So while I was on a roll I picked up the photos from the rest of the day and worked with the photo paper on the back of my 4 X 6 and another cut apart card with a ‘Mind the Gap’ logo.




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  1. Combinations of 12×12 and pocket pages are something I’ve been wanting to have a go at. It looks so effective and I love how you’ve combined lots of different elements rather than just photographs 🙂

  2. I love using project life pockets alongside 12×12 layouts, you can really tell the story of an event if find. I like your clustering technique too

  3. I really enjoyed the 12×12 with a pocket page. I think I’ll do this more with days out. Thanks for sharing how to continue page on.

  4. Lovely layouts and massively impressive you can work on a 12×12 AND a project life at the same time!!! Love the clustering on the project life. It really adds another dimension to the layout.

  5. Your projects certainly have many small details which enhance the designs. Great combination of Collections!

  6. Lovely pages! I don’t do pocket pages – but it’s a lovely look. May need to invest in some pockets!

  7. I love your mix of traditional and project life and the London themeing thanks for some great inspiration

  8. Oh super pages, Think I’m a fan of “clustering” too and sets of three as well – all helps the eye to move across the pages and see all the photos. BJ

  9. Love all the London photos and papers etc used are perfect. Where did you get your badges I need them!? Pleased to see those x cut London dies are still being used xxx

  10. Really love your layouts. I do a mix of Pocket pages & 12×12 to cope with all my photos. Love how you’ve embellished with your clusters. Thanks

  11. I love the coffee cup clusters on both pages as they add continuity across both pages. I love embellishment clusters as you can add lots of little details to them x

  12. Oh the magic of clusters! I couldn’t do a page without a cluster or three, preferably involving fussy cut flowers! Great blog post. X

  13. Thanks for discussing the ‘back of the pocket page’ issue, and showing us your ‘back’ – they’re all great layouts!

  14. Such a beautiful layout – love that London map paper and how you marked out your destinations

  15. Beautifully done! I love how you worked with a patterned background and yet made it so easy for the eye to understand what is going on on the layout! And the pocket pages complement the 12″x12″ page so well!

  16. Love your London pages. I’m pondering alternating 12×12’s and divided pages in my next cruise album, though I’m not sure yet. This encourages me that it would work.

  17. I like how your pages aren’t overly embellished but they still look amazing ! I’m trying to scrapbook using less embellishments so that the photos are the center of attention. Not an easy task since I love stickers!

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