Instarsia Forgeries on the Fourth


It’s 4th January and that means it’s time to share my forgeries from this month’s Counterfeit kit.  The original kit also has a PL card kit:This gave me an opportunity to add some much needed ‘lightness’ to my kit.  I started by cutting some smooth white card stock and some watercolour paper into 3 X 4 cards and then sat down with my water colours and set of black fine liners to have some fun.

I started with two simple cards; just using black pens to write on the white cards.  Then I moved onto the ‘I smell snow’ snow globe.  I completed the text and globe with black pen and once it was dry I added a thin wash of blue water colour.  The pen wasn’t 100% waterproof but I don’t think the slight smudge distracts too much from the overall effect.

For the fourth card I used a coffee sticker form Shimelle’s Glitter Girl collection, wrote the phrase with a black fine liner and then added dots with some glitter markers.

The next set of cards are all done on water colour paper.  I started with the silver birch tree card by painting the negative shapes of the background in blue water colour paint.  While that dried I painted the background for the bear in a mix of red with a touch of yellow. I then added a rectangle of dilute sepia watercolour, which I dabbed off to speed up drying and reduce the intensity of colour.  I did both cards freehand with no pencil sketching beforehand.

While they dried I adhered a Tim Holtz snowman mask to a third card and then daubed around the mask with different colours of watercolour paint.  While that dried I went back to the first two cards and added details with a black fine liner.  When the snowman card was dry I added in some stamping using red and green Stazon ink and finally added some black water colour splatters before I removed the mask.

The last four cards were even easier – mainly cutting and sticking and doodling.  I went for a butterfly instead of a snowflake on the striped card, because that’s the punch I had available. I used acrylic paint on woodgrain cardstock, with white rub on alphas and a white gel pen for the BAH humbug card.

I’m really pleased with how they all turned out.  The style is very forgiving; it doesn’t matter if it’s not perfect, so I would encourage you to have a go at trying your own forgeries to match your kit.

I wanted to forge the card with the bird in a garland, but I couldn’t find my stamp, so I settled for stamping and colouring robins onto garland cards from Shimelle’s Little by Little 6 X 6 pad.

I haven’t used any of these yet, but I have been busy making other pages with my kit – I have 2 finished, one waiting for journalling and some small alphas to complete the title and 3 others ready for titles, journalling and embellishment.  I can tell that it’s going to be a productive start to the year!


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  1. Clapping hands over here! These are great and the watercolour cards are so amazing! I couldn’t have managed anything even a tenth as great as these – you are very talented 🙂

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