Is there anybody out there?


I haven’t blogged for so long. You know how it is, life gets busy, it’s so much easier to share pages in Facebook groups, so blogging takes a back seat. But I have reason to breathe some life back in here prior to needing the blog on 1 March. Here’s a little taster of what I’ve been up to.

1. I had my annual trip away with scrappy friends at Woodbrook.

I found out the tree that I had photographed in the grounds the previous year, along with a few others, had been cut down, so last year’s photos got this year’s story

Here’s my favourite page from the weekend

2. Purple is no longer my nemesis.

Despite buying lots of purple cardstock when I first started scrapping, it became my least used colour. Since then I bought a couple of Shimelle collections with lots of purple and suddenly I have had a purple period


3. Strawberry turned 16

How did that happen so fast? She’s now mid GCSE mocks and applying for 6th forms.

4. I’ve started on new creative journeys.

I’ve started sewing again. I made a quilt from Strawberry’s old T-shirts and this pincushion pot from scraps.

And I’ve started going to art classes with Strawberry

5. I’ve made some changes to my life to help my wellbeing and mental health.

I’m on a decluttering journey using some of Marie Kondo’s philosophy and I have reduced my hours at work to just 4 days. It means I’ll have a little more time to scrap and blog.

I’m not sure if anyone will get this far in my post, but if you do please leave a comment, say hello and let me know if you’d like to see more scrapbooking, sewing or art or want to know more about KonMarie. Otherwise I’ll be back on 1 March – hope to see you here then.

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  1. Super to see you in my reader! Gosh, you have been very busy creatively – the lilac/purple with the pink is a lovely combo. Happy belated birthday to your daughter :). Sounds like big life changes for you both? Going down to 4 days is a great plan … time to live! Is that your artwork? Wow! And very creative to make a quilt from t-shirts – never heard of that but it must be nice and soft. Keep posting – will be looking out for you! Xx

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