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Road Trip to Magna


I thought it would be a good idea to use up my counterfeit kit scrapping more photos from our road trip – to go with the page I shared last time. I got some photos from fellow traveler Beth (because mine weren’t very good) and I made a couple of pocket pages.

This first one uses the pink doilie and a flower, fussy cut from the paper used on the main page with photos taken on the journey.  On the other side of the pockets are photos taken inside Magna Science Park.

Magna used to be steel mill and some of the original equipment is still in place.  Now it is an interactive science museum with four areas: Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

I then did a final 12 X 12 to make the set complete – using my one good photo of the two kids sitting on girders outside the museum.

I have another page part done, so hopefully I’ll be back soon.  Hope you’re enjoying the lovely spring weather.



One Kit and Three Pages in One Weekend


And some random fandom….

It’s not very often I have a day out at the weekend AND manage to get some scrapping done, but this weekend I managed it.  Mind you, there was absolutely no housework or gardening done and cooking was kept to a minimum.

We went to Manchester on Saturday to Comicon.  Puddle Duck wanted to see Jellie Bee – her second favourite You Tuber.  Jellie was so touched that she’d traveled all that way to see her and saved her pocket money to buy her sketch book on Kick Starter, that she did her a special speed sketch of her favourite Steven Universe character as a thank-you.

The rest of the weekend was spent with me scrapping and Puddle Duck drawing while we watched The Big Bang Theory on Netflix. I got three pages done – I put it down to the speed technique I tried for the first time last year – working on three pages at once using the same set of supplies.  It cuts down on the length of time sorting through papers and embellishments and dithering over whether to use something now or save it for something else.

I’ll start by satisfying Lesley’s curiosity and show you my page using my bee paper:


This happened at the start of July, so the timing couldn’t have been better with that bee paper in July’s Counterfeit kit.  I wasn’t at home when the bees swarmed.  The Grandma and The Grandad couldn’t get onto the drive when they arrived to collect Puddle Duck after school.  By the time I got home that evening it was too dark to see properly but this large nest is what I found the next morning – in the tree at the bottom of the drive.  I phoned the British Bee Keepers Association and they were gone by lunchtime.

My next page is perhaps an odd choice of subject for a summer kit – Puddle Duck’s school Christmas Party from 2011!


I used a couple of chipboard pieces from June’s kit.  I’m thinking I need some embellishment below the title – to bring that teal/green down to the bottom, but I’m not sure the best way to do it.  So I’m calling it done for now and I reserve the right to revisit it if inspiration strikes.

For my third and final LO I had a photo from shortly after Puddle Duck’s second birthday, when we went to the Lake District.  And you can’t possibly go to the Lake District without visiting The World of Beatrix Potter. I’m not sure she was supposed to go into the exhibit, but a photo with Missy Tiggy Winkle was too good to miss!

I had my papers picked out when I went to bed on Saturday night and awoke to find a Shimelle sketch challenge on her blog on Sunday morning.  It certainly saved me a lot of thinking time.


I fussy cut flowers and clouds from papers in my kit for the scattered embellishments. I’m not sure about writing directly onto such busy patterned paper – it makes the journalling hard to read.  And I’m not sure how best to fix the title – it was only writing this blog that I realised the I got the name of the museum wrong.

Oh well, back to the drawing board!!!

Christmas Journal Update


Hope you all had a great Christmas.  I’m still catching up on my Christmas Journal.  I read this morning how Julie Tucker-Wolek has been stressed out doing a December Daily.  I know what she means, but she has done a great job.

Daily mini-scrapbook journals are difficult to fit in when you work full time and have kids.  I arrived at this 4X6 format at my fourth attempt and it seems to be working for me. I’ve not followed all of Shimelle’s prompts, I’ve chosen to include what we did instead, I’ve not got a photo for every day – some use old photos, some have none and some days double up on one card.  I may miss some days out but it’s my Christmas journal so I decide what goes in.  It helps keep down the stress.  Here’s an update:

Puddle Duck performed in her first play outside school on 13th.  A little production called The Twelve Days of Christmas, with a grinch type story line.  The journalling strips are Puddle Duck’s lines and the circle is cut from my ticket.

The glare from the pocket is quite useful with this photo to help hide the faces of the other players.

14th is all about how the presents get handed out and the observant amongst you will have noticed that the photo wasn’t taken on 14th because the tree didn’t go up until 17th!

We had our Christmas parties on 15th and 16th and I combined both days on one card with a photo of Puddle Duck at the Brownies Christmas Party.  She had her face painted to be Rudolph.

17th and 18th you’ve already seen here and 19th records Puddle Duck’s letter to Santa. The envelope is tucked behind the card and the letter will go inside when I find it!  This card uses some of my Soul Scrappers stash – the Santa tag and the green spotted serviette.

20th and 21st are still on the drawing board – don’t know what I’m going to do for them.  I photographed The Grandma’s tree on 21st, so I’ve printed one of those pictures.




We went to Birmingham to finish the Christmas shopping on 22nd.  We wrote a shopping list on train and that is going behind the card.  Doesn’t the Bull look smart in his Christmas jumper?

23rd was a trip to see Santa with Cousin No.1 and The Aunt.  The Grandparents babysat for Cousin No.2.  I’m really not quite sure what happened when I printed this photo – Santa was a live person and not a model – honest.

I have some photos printed for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and the Christmas pantomime, so it will be done soon.  We have tickets to go and see Grease tomorrow night, because that is Puddle Duck’s next production.  What have you got planned for New Years Eve?

Christmas Journal


This 4X6 format really seems to be working for me this year. I’m almost keeping up and I won a prize! No, I can’t believe it either. I used the stash Deb sent me for the Soul Scrapper Quest for two reasons:

  • It is just too busy at Christmas to take on an extra project
  • The collection contained both traditional and modern elements, which I struggled to combine in a single LO

There were some fantastic projects, including a wonderful exploding box, so I was really surprised to get a runners up prize.  Anyway, enough of the bragging, here’s some more pages and you can judge for yourselves:

These first two pages use some of the modern Soul Scrappers stash (and a gorgeous wooden reindeer given to me by Jo).  The first photo is of the largest advent calendar I have ever seen – it is on top of one of the cabins in the German Christmas Market in Birmingham.

Now leaving out a little something for Santa and Rudolph on Christmas Eve is one of my favourite traditions, but it has changed over the generations.  As a child I always left Santa a glass of sherry – Puddle Duck leaves him a glass of Baileys.  Can you guess why?

The tree and bauble on the next page were also Soul Scrappers embellishments – I added some stickles for a little extra sparkle. And I have Mel to thank for the journalling. I had written the first part when her card arrived. It was as I was putting it on the mantle shelf that I realised that it was having the cards up that made it feel like Christmas was here. Thanks Mel (and Theresa, Lea, K and Alexa too).

The 9th is missing.  It was Puddle Duck’s school Christmas disco.  The photo is of her and her friends and she wants to do the journalling card.

10th was the church Christmas Fayre and Puddle Duck joined in the Carol Singing – eventually. She wanted to join in but there was no-one else from her class and she was too shy to ‘sing with strangers’. It took me some time to get the attention of the teacher to help encourage her to go on the stage. The head was as useful as always, totally missing the point and saying ‘we can’t force them’.

On 11th we went to the German Christmas Market in Birmingham.  It was raining and I got soaked but it didn’t dampen Puddle Duck’s spirits.  We bought some brass stamps from a stall with trays of them all laid out, worry dolls from the tin toy stall and some wooden instruments shaped like a frog and an elephant which made the sound of the respective animal.

Puddle Duck loved the stall in the photo.  Santa brought her a nutcracker for the tree last year with the Barbie DVD.  Now she wants a ‘real’ one which actually cracks nuts.  Unfortunately these were all for show.

This photo was taken on Christmas Eve 2006, our last Christmas in Barnsley, just before Puddle Duck went out to put the magic reindeer food on the front lawn.  I think it’s the first one I’ve printed from that year.

There’s a bit of a gap in the journal – I have a couple of photos printed and four cards to make/write, but we put the tree up this weekend, so I skipped to 17th and this page. The silver flower and green ribbon are more of the Soul Scrappers stash. The red cabouchon is actually a very fancy button with the shank removed.

For the 18th I have included Christmas dinner and a photo from 2005, which was one of the ones in the photo album before it was transformed into my 2011 Christmas Journal. I had just about finished adding the letters to the photo when I remembered that it was taken with a film camera and is my only copy!!! Hence I have not gone ahead and added the number 18 to the photo until I scan it in for posterity.

The row of Christmas treats on the card were cut from an old Christmas card.  I don’t throw many Christmas cards away.  They are usually recycled in craft projects or used to make another year’s Christmas cards.

I’ve also had some happy mail.  Two packages from America arrived on the same day.  A book and tag from Laura and a card and gift from Theresa and Lea.  Thank-you so much ladies.

Puddle Duck’s new passport arrived today.  I think it is too late to book a trip to Lapland to see Santa this year.  I’ve promised we can go next year if she still wants to. The fact that I’m actually finishing work tomorrow seems to be compensation enough for her – such a sweet child: sometimes.

Now for some reason my preview was not showing the last two photos as it should.  The only way I could get them to show was to make them 90% smaller – weird!

10 go to Coalport


I know I’m a bit late for 10 on the 10th, but I made a 10 photo layout especially and a post about the Blogger’s Crafting Weekend is well over due.  There’s a list of tens in this post, so lets start with ten crafty bloggers:-

Lesley of Adventures in Pickle Land

Alexa of Simply Alexa

Liz of Lizziemade

Julie J (that’s me and you are here!)

Kirsty of .K’s

Clair of An Obstinate Pursuit

Mel of I Speak Melsh

Ruth of Chatty Crafty Arty Pig

Jo of Curly Scrapbooker

Jemma of Just Jim Jams

And a 10 photo LO of memories from a weekend scoring a perfect 10!

Credit to Mel for the photos of Lizzie's Welcome sign, Kirsty's cake and Clair's gift wrapping.

I did 10 pages while I was there – two 12X12 and 8 for my Christmas Journal:

The first 12X 12 was on Friday night for Ruth’s challenge to make something using 10 things – each donated by each of us.  In the event we had more than ten.  Here’s the little and large of the event using all the items – my 12 X 12 LO (based on the 9 photo LO from 4X6 Photo Love) and Jemma’s card.

My other 12 X 12 is staying under wraps for now, because it is part of a larger challenge which I will blog after it finishes in January next year.

Here are my eight journal pages.

Thank-you to Jo for the little checked reindeer – I hope you approve of his new home.

I made them using stash sent as part of the Soul Scrappers’ Quest, plus papers I have had since forever. And I have since made a few more:

I now have 10 pockets filled in my Christmas Journal:




















Thanks to Jemma for the tag.  I added some glitter to the tree, which is part of this month’s Scrapbookers Anonymous challenge.

We also have 10 pages completed in the Pass the Page, which is now with Jemma.  It was great meeting some of the Ladies passing the page and I am so looking forward to the big reveal in the blog hop in January.

So that’s an end to my lists of 10 things, but before I go, please be sure to visit Scrapbookers Anonymous – I’m sure at least one of your crafting items this month will feature tags and glitter (as did a couple of my journal pages so far), which is the criteria this month.

And finally a final LO from the weekend.  To record our walk from Coalport to Iron Bridge and Jo’s exclamation on seeing this view of the bridge!

I think this is a Stage A LO and it will get some journalling – one day when I have time!