Egg Hunt at the Palace


So I finally cleared a way through to my stash and put together a counterfeit kit:


I’ve also got some frames and some printed vellum (to add the sheer element) and more wood veneer pieces – oh and the bits and bobs from my page kit.  I’ll add card stock as I need it.  And here’s the first layout:



Our Easter egg hunt at Kensington Palace last year.  We’re back in London again this year – wonder where we’ll go egg hunting this year?

Watercolours and Homemade ‘Enamel’ Dots


Welcome to a double Technique Tuesday, where I have used two techniques.  I dusted off my watercolours and tried out this cool idea for making enamel dots from plastic beads.  To say we have a few of these beads in our house could be described as an understatement!


We got these huge jars from Ikea, with a set of peg boards in different shapes. Puddle Duck has made a few coasters and pictures but it’s barely made a dent in the content of the jars.  She was definitely up for using them to make enamal dots and helped lay them out on the baking parchment.

It’s a good idea to have a flat sheet – ours was crinkly so they kept falling over and moving when another bead was placed.  The Citrus Twist website has 325 degrees as the temperature.  Since it’s an American site I guess that’s in Fahrenheit (my oven doesn’t go up that high), so I converted to Centigrade/Celsius – it’s around 165 degrees for UK and European readers.


It doesn’t take long for the beads to start melting.  I left them in a little longer than 30 minutes because some of them stayed as rings rather than forming dots.  It seemed to be particular colours so I will put them on their side next time to see if I can get a better result.  The translucent beads worked better than the solid colours – maybe it’s a different plastic.

Some came out as ovals rather than circles and those which were too close together came out in interesting shapes.  Puddle Duck likes the mis-shapes – especially the rings.

DSC_0674They stick really easily with a dab of tacky glue.  I’ve already used some on two LOs and Puddle Duck used three as drawer handles on a table she made for her Monster High dolls.

The LO I have to share today is one of those with enamel dots and a bit of watercolour painting.  You’ll know by now that I don’t really go in for the messy paint effects, so my use of watercolour is very restrained and traditional.  I started with a sheet of Amy Tangerine sketchbook paper which featured outlines of flowers and the sketched cameras.  I painted the flowers and two cameras, cut out the cameras and then adhered them with the flowers – one using pop dots to give a 3D embellishment.

I used a selection of photos, printed at 2 X 3 from a day trip to London we had during the Whitsun Bank Holiday last year.  Rather than a single large journalling card I used pieces of cards tucked under the photos to provide a commentary of what we did that day.


I added a bicycle paper clip, so that covers all the criteria for this month’s challenge at Scrap Our Stash.

DSC_0673I just have the journalling and final embellishment to finish on that second LO ready to share on Sunday.  And I’ve managed to photograph my counterfeit kit too.

Enjoy your Easter Holidays.


Scrambled Saurday


It’s been a busy week.  So I’m late with Photo Friday and I want to post my scrapbook page early to meet the Studio Challenge blog deadline.  So welcome to Scrambled Saturday!  Actually today there is no Theatre Train or swimming for Puddle Duck so I’m not sure what I will do with myself today!  Puddle Duck wants to do some making and up cycling and I want to try making my own ‘enamel’ dots. (I’ll be back on Tuesday with that one)

Let’s start with that scrapbook page, using this sketch from Studio Challenges:

Such an easy page to put together.  Three pieces of patterned paper, a scrap for the pennant and a handful of buttons.  A bit of cutting, inking and sticking and we have:


Yes I could add some bling or some butterflies to top the buttons but I think I like it as it is.

And now for my ZIZO (Zoom in Zoom out) photos and linking up with Helena for the first time.  I used to do this a lot when I was taking photos to with the thought that I might scrap them.  But I haven’t been doing it so much lately.  Puddle Duck gave me a perfect opportunity last Saturday on the High Ropes.

Zoom out

Zoom in

Zoom out

Zoom out

There she is – that little dot half way up. I think she’s very brave. I have a fear of edges and can’t even do any of the first level. She was a little embarrassed because her friends went right to the top on their first go. But I think facing your fears and beating them, as she has done, takes more courage than knowing no fear.

Tell me the Dreams that Surround You


DSC_0680I’ve got an ear worm (or at least I think that’s what they’re called).  Ever since I started thinking of the journalling for today’s page I can’t get this song out of my head:

Where do you go to my lovely.
When you’re alone in your bed?
Tell me the dreams that surround you,
I want to look inside your head.

It all started over at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog.  There’s a different tack this month. Instead of a kit to copy they have picked a CSI (Colour, Story, Inspiration) file to inspire a kit:

DSC_0677You may already be aware that I have limited access to my stash, but I did have enough to be able to pull together a page kit with some Dear Lizzie Neapolitan papers and stickers and a couple of Studio Calico 6 X 6 pads – Take Note and Darling Dear; wood veneer shapes and green buttons. I had a photo of Puddle Duck, fast asleep in the car after her first big performance on a real stage, in front of a  a proper fee paying audience, rather than the small group of parents she had been used to. So I can journal about sleep and dreams (hence the song).

The ‘evidence’ includes pleats and ruffles, so I thought I’d try a technique from Susan Stringfellow for a pleated border around my page, which I found on the Carta Bella website.

I started with a piece of card stock I knew that I would not be using EVER.  I then cut 1 inch wide strips from my 6 X 6 pads and scraps to match the colour scheme on the mood board.  I took a strip at a time, inked one edge and put double sided tape on the back.  I then applied the strip to the edge of the page, folding and pleating as I went.  I mitred the corners to give a neater finish with less bulk.  Then I trimmed the music paper from the Dear Lizzie Neapolitan paper pad to 10.5 X 10,5 inches, stuck it in the middle and then machine stitched it in place.

Then it all came together using the Scrap 365 sketch:

(Sorry the sketch is so big – WordPress have changed something with inserting URLs for pictures and I can’t control the size any more).

So here’s my page:


I don’t have much in the way of photos from that evening – and it was quite a big night. I think I can perhaps get another page to tell a different part of the story, but until then I have another story told in my album and another technique tried.


Spring Scrapping on a Sunday


The scrapbook challenge sites are all about spring this month.  There’s a definite spring feel to the mood board over at SJCrafts.

DSC_0671 I’ve gone for a double page spread, with green, white and pink flowers and a smattering of pearls.

I started with a 2 page sketch from Inspired Blueprints and four different flowered papers from my Dear Lizzy Neapolitan paper pad.  I still have limited access to my supplies, but this is such a beautiful collection that I don’t feel deprived. In fact I’ve been wanting to use the ‘better together’ sticker with some photos from The Aunt’s sisters wedding.  The wedding was in 2012 so it’s about time I got round to it!


This is the second time I’ve scrapped some of these photos.  The first page used smaller prints – even though I had a set printed out at 4 X 6.  The Uncle and Cousin No1 were very smart in their suits and even Cousin No2 had a suit despite his young age.

DSC_0667I have perhaps introduced a chunk of brown (and Puddle Duck says it looks like two separate pages rather than double page) but I think this fits the mood board.  I’ll be back with my counterfeit kit once I can get to my stash.  The Grandad has assembled the new wardrobe and I made some progress yesterday morning sorting out while Puddle Duck was at Theatre Train.  She had a wonderful day yesterday.  She won a family ticket to see Hetty Feather on stage in Wolverhampton for being the most improved student at Theatre Train, she did her first standing dive at her swimming class, completed new parts of the High Ropes at Quest, Merry Hill and finished off with a successful doll hunt.  I feel a photo post and a scrap page coming on…………….


Then & Now


It started with a post on Facebook. A friend posted two lists for two ages ‘click like and I’ll give you an age’.  How could any scrapbooker resist?  Especially when there are challenges open for pages with lists ;)  And here’s the page – with the age she gave me – 17.


i started with a kraft background so that I could link up to the Kraft it Up challenge and tried to kill my last couple of Counterfit kits. I also used a corner rounder, ovals (see if you can spot them) and a mixed alpha title as part of Soul Scrapper’s recipe challenge for a list layout.  I’ve removed Puddle Duck’s real name from the ‘Now’list.

I’ve left space for another photo in the top left quadrant because all my photos of my 17 year old self are in the bottom of my shelving unit under all of this…….

DSC_0665My parents have given me an old wardrobe to go in the craft room and everything is piled up while it is put together.  This also means that there won’t be a Technique Tuesday this week.  I did use a few punches on my page though – including punching out  some negatives on the journal cards…


It’s Mothers Day today, so another opportunity to kill that kit with a card.

DSC_0662Before I go I just wanted to answer a question Jemma asked a short while ago.  She asked if I was scrapping with original old photos.  When I started scrapping the received wisdom was that you shouldn’t scrap with your precious originals.  That was when digital photography was just taking off and since then we have our digital back ups and scrap the prints.  But what about old photos?  When I first started scrapping with old photos, I made copies on my printer and scrapped those.   The originals went back in their packets. Then I tried scanning the originals and treating them as I do modern photos – the print is on the scrapbook page and I have a digital back up.  But my printer/scanner doesn’t give such a good quality image.  And I have a couple of boxes of old photos.  They are taking up space, they are not viewed very often and they are deteriorating.  They come out of their packets and get thumbed and passed around.  I think they are probably safer stuck in an album and hopefully will be looked at and enjoyed more often.  What do you think?