Photo Scavenger Hunt – 1 month to go


There’s just one month left to collect photos for Rhinda’s scavenger hunt and I’m just over 2/3 of the way there.  Here’re my latest finds:


A sign in a language other than English


A group of tourists


It’s location, location, location for this lamppost.


A bus with pictures painted on the back as well as the side.


A waterfall in a friend’s garden – in case I don’t see a natural one.

Hope I can get the last few before the deadline.  How are you getting on?

Scavenging and Postcards


Hello there.  I hope you’re all enjoying the lovely (?) hot weather for the summer holidays.  Puddle Duck and I aren’t too keen on the heat.

Sorry I’ve not been around for a while.  Work has been extremely busy and I’ve just been feeling really tired all the time – to the point where I have been falling asleep in the afternoon.  I suspect there may be an element of cause and effect, so I am looking forward to my holiday at the end of August.

The highlight of the month had to be Puddle Duck’s performance in The Best of British at the Swan Theatre, Worcester.  I managed to get this shot of her performing ‘Revolting children’ from Matilda, before I was told off for taking pictures:


I’ve managed to tick off a few more photos for the Scavenger hunt.  I took The Grandma to the crematorium for the anniversary of her Aunt’s death.  Her name is in the book of remembrance, which is always open at the day’s date.  There is a Garden of Remembrance, including this statue at the top of the stairs:


19 A Public Garden

And I also got the photo bomb as we were leaving:


10. A Photo Bomb

And a better photo of a rack of postcards when I went to Crawley for work:

5. A Rack of Postcards

5. A Rack of Postcards

Speaking of postcards, I also had some happy mail – four postcards from Sian‘s pile of postcards swap:


They are from (in order of arrival): Julia in the North West, Barbara in Nashville (she sent 2!) and the lovely Alexa in The Peak District.  Alexa is one of the bloggers I have met in the flesh and I will be seeing her again in September – I can’t wait.  Thank-you ladies.

I must get my finger out and get my postcards bought and sent.  But right now I need to get Puddle Duck to bed.  We have an early start tomorrow, so that we can visit the National Space Centre in Leicester on our way to see The Drake, The Niece , The Nephew and The Big Sister.

Using up June’s kit


I have an extra post this week, to share five pages using June’s Counterfeit kit, so that’s fair warning that this post is photo heavy.

This month’s challenges at the Studio Challenges blog includes using Project Life pages as inspiration but without the pockets.  I thought that would be perfect for my Disney Parade photos.


I added some Disney stickers and used some alphas from a We R Memory Keepers set I bought so long ago.  I thought The Mad Hatter looked like he was saying ‘No Photos, Please’.


I love the little yellow stars around the Magical Memories sticker.


And I liked this so much I made another with photos from The Queen of Heart’s Maze, which is inside Alice’s Curious Labyrinth.

DSC_0014And last but not least is a very CAS page telling the tale of Puddle Duck’s favourite ride when we first visited Disneyland Paris.


But that was way back when and it is far too sedate for her now.  She much prefers the adrenaline rush of a roller coaster now.

10 is a Big Deal


Puddle Duck thought that turning ten was a big deal. “I shall be in double figures for the rest of my life.  I’ll never be in singles again” she said.  So when she said “I’ll be ten in ten days” I had to take a photo there and then to scrapbook.


I’m posting this Technique Tuesday a little early to make sure I make he deadline for Creative Scrappers.  This is their sketch I used.

I thought, rather than sticking a piece of patterned paper as the central block, I would try a background stamp.  I had a 6 X 6 urban stamp from Papermania.  It’s not that easy to use – even with a large acrylic block.  It needs a perfectly flat surface and you have to make sure that you have pressed down all over the surface.  One thing I have learned is that the little table I use while sitting on the sofa is not perfectly flat – I’ll be doing background stamping elsewhere in future.

I started with a sheet of plain white American Crafts card stock and then stamped my background with Stazon ink in Slate Grey.  I find Stazon gives a crisper image than some other inks.  Then I double matted my photo with paper from my June counterfeit kit and built the page from there.


The page didn’t look quite right at first, with everything in a central strip and the photo and title seemed to be floating.  I think adding the patterned photo corners helps to confine it and define the boundary of the page.  It anchors it all. I’ll have to remember that idea – I wouldn’t have thought of it if it weren’t for those photo corners in the kit.

This isn’t the first time I’ve used this stamp.  This is the Father’s Day card I made this year.  I hadn’t realised this stamp could be so versatile.


Three is the Magic Number


I’ve had a busy week, but I managed to get three pages done using sketches from  First I scrapped some more Disney photos – taken at our hotel on the first night before we set off for Dinner and a character meet.


I made the title alphas using Woodland Folks stamp set from Docrafts, stamping onto woodgrain paper.  I added a little distressing to fit the current Artastic challenge.

The other two pages use co-ordinating papers.  It’s not quite a double spread but they will be next to each other in the album.


From the moment I saw this on my camera I knew I wanted to scrap this photo at a large size. It was one of those lucky shots – put the camera at ground level, shoot up and hope for the best.


You can find the three sketches here, here and here.

The London Connection


Welcome to Photo Friday and my latest finds for the Scavenger Hunt.  Monday was a great day – I got three photos ticked off the list:-

No. 5 – A rack of postcards

IMAG0300No prizes for guessing where I was!  It’s a little out of focus and there’s glare from the overhead light but there’s time for me to find and photograph a replacement before the end of the hunt.

No. 6 – Urban Street Scene


I glimpsed a view of cafe tables through the station entrance on my outbound journey and made a mental note to stop and take a picture on my way home if I had time.  By the time I returned the rain had sent all the people away and the light was thinking of following them.  I took a couple of pictures and it looked flat and dreary – despite the reflections on the pavement.

I was crouched down near the exit and was about to wait for the lady to walk through my shot when she stopped to light her cigarette.  Realising she was the focal point the photo was missing, I took the shot.  It would have been better without the couple behind her but I’m quite pleased with this and I can always move it into the photo-bomb category if I take a better one!

No. 8 – A tattoo on a person

I had my friends lined up for this next time they visit, but when this lady got on the tube I had to pluck up courage to ask if I could take her picture:


So there we have it – just 6 so far (yes I know you’ve only seen 5 but I’m hoping to get a better picture of me than the one I took last Saturday).  How are you getting on?


Expanding Blog Hop


Hello and welcome to the next leg of the expanding blog hop.  I wonder how big it is now?  I’m not sure when or where it started, but I’ve seen few posts and said yes immediately when Ruth asked me to join and follow her post, (which you can see here).  I met Ruth at a weekend away for crafty bloggers, where we all had a wonderful time – crafting and eating far too much cake.  Ruth described herself as a fan of my scrapbook pages – I’d never imagined that anyone outside my family would actually like them!

So onto the questions:

1. What am I working on?


I’ve spent this weekend working on some sketch challenges at  I love Shimelle’s sketches and her generous personality.  I’ve met so many great people through scrapping, blogging and taking her courses that I feel as though I shall be for ever in her debt.

I’ve got a pile of photos to get scrapped from my trip to Disneyland Paris and a kit that I put together based on this month’s Counterfeit kit.  I make up a kit most months because I find it helps my productivity if I don’t have to spend time searching through all my stash every time I start a new scrapbook page.  However, if the monthly kit doesn’t inspire me I give it a miss and take a month off from the CKCB challenges.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

That is a tough question to answer. There’s such a wide range of scrapbooking styles that it’s hard to identify one thing that makes my work different from others. If there is one thing, perhaps it’s the combination of influences I take from other scrapbookers around the internet.

DSC_0011I once tried to define my style and asked my blog readers to comment. I think Jemma from Just Jim-Jams probably summed it up quite well – bold colours and clear photos. I am on the clean and simple end of the scrapbooking spectrum – I rarely go into messy paint effects or the antique floral look, although I’m not adverse to the odd ink splatter. I swing between layering and clustering on a patterned background or white cardstock and a more pared down style. I think this simple look has been driven by the time I have to scrapbook, usually an hour or so in the evening in front of the TV.

I do try to make my papers and embellishments fit my photos, such as the little houses in my last post or the heart, rose and teapot with a crown for the Queen of Hearts Maze LO I’m working on right now.

I thought my scrapbook pages were getting a bit boring, so I started Technique Tuesday posts on my blog to challenge myself to use tools and materials I was neglecting. I’m so glad I did that. I think it’s made a big difference.

3. Why do I write/create what I do?

DSC_0405Because I have always loved cutting and sticking and crafting in some form or other. I remember many a Saturday sitting in the back room of my Aunt’s shop cutting up her old magazines and sticking them into a scrapbook.

Because I don’t want to leave my photos sitting on my computer – I want to have them in albums I can pick up and flick through and scrapbooking is an attractive way of doing that. Puddle Duck is so used to seeing photos in scrapbooks that when The Grandma showed her my baby album, she didn’t say ‘Where are the coloured photos?’ as we’d expected, but ‘Where are all the pretties?’

I also want to be able to record my family history and save it for Puddle Duck and any who come after her. I look back at the photo albums from my childhood and I struggle to remember names and places, let alone dates.



4. How does your writing/creating process work?

Over 90% of the time I’d say I start with the photos. I’ve tried creating a page for photos without any picked out and I found it so hard. I enter online challenges because having a deadline and a prompt improves my productivity. My favourite challenges are sketches. but whatever the challenge the page has to start with a photo. Occasionally there will be a story I want to tell but it won’t be a page until I have my photo. DSC_0473

I’ll often get inspired by a number of things I’ve seen on the internet and combine them to create my own page.  That’s what happened when I scrapped L’il Bro’s first birthday photos and it is one of my favourites.  Recently I’ve tried scraplifting and mood boards as a way to spark a page.  What I dislike doing is slavishly copying someone else’s instructions.  I’ve been to a couple of classes which expected me to do that – I didn’t enjoy it and the pages didn’t feel like they were mine afterwards.

I plan things out in my head, but very often they don’t come out as I imagined.  I don’t scrap in any particular order.  I just scrap whatever inspires me at the time.  That’s why my childhood memories album has been put aside in favour of my Disney photos and why my Lapland, London and cruise albums all remain unfinished.

I’m a messy scrapper (hands up who isn’t – not many I bet!) so I try to keep to a small kit and things I can easily pack away to try and keep it under control.  That way I can fit my scrapping into the evening in front of the TV.

DSC_0655So I think that’s me done and it’s time to let you know who will be continuing this leg of the blog hop next Monday.  The idea of the expanding blog hop is that each blogger passes on to three new people.  But I guess it’s like pyramid selling – it has to collapse sooner or later as the pool of potential  new members dwindles,

Ruth passed only to me and I have two people to pass to – Amy Lassiter in America and Karen Findlay in Canada.

Amy is another lovely lady I have met online through Shimelle’s blogging course.  We are friends on Facebook but have never met.  Her scrapping style is probably as far removed from mine as you could possibly get, but I love it none the less.  Pop over and take a look at the Sparkling Gnome.

I met Karen when we were both on the DT at Soul Scrappers.  She produces some beautiful scrapbook pages and cards and has sent me cards for no other reason than to say hello.  Don’t you just love getting real mail -instead of just e-mails?  Karen is still part of the Soul Team at Soul Scrappers and she will be carrying on the blog hop at Stamping Through the Eyes of Karen

Make sure and go back next Monday (30th June)  to both blogs when Amy and Karen will be continuing the blog hop (and hopefully getting the expansion back!).

Until next time dear friends – Adieu.

****Edited to add blog details 24 June 2014****